Demostration Downloads. V4.8 9/1/14

Explore DriveVME by downloading a fully functional but time limited demonstration version!


DriveVME VME Windows Drivers

DriveVME manages every standard and custom VME-PCI interface resource the processor board running Windows XP, 2000 or NT supports, efficiently and securely sharing them simultaneously among many entirely independently developed and maintained local and networked user programs and other Windows kernel drivers.


DriveVME provides a gentle VME bus access learning curve starting in complexity from a graphical user interface, to VME access via simple disk files with human readable content mapped to the network sharable 'V' drive accessable by any word processor, to .dll libraries, all the way to kernel mode driver interfaces. DriveVME provides portability and preserves software investment as its single interface has been implemented on over 20 processing platforms incorporating the Tundra/Universe I, II, IIa-d, and 148 'Tempe' PCI-VME interface chip, the BIT3 PCI – VME chassis links and Cypress chip. Also supported: Vendor specific data-lane swapping, indicators, switches, timers, and more.



DriveVME's Rapid prototyping and VME bus graphical user interface diagnostics program, AssistVME, lets engineers explore and test their VME chassis whether connected locally or via a network. It offers automatic DriveVME prototype 'C' program generation using VME access parameters they proved during testing.


Kernel 'C'

DriveVME's unique 'C' interpreter and debugging environment runs privileged user programs realtime in the kernel. These programs, injected by a simple write to a special file, communicate with their sponsoring normal Windows program by simple file reads and writes. This offers VME developers with critical timing needs near realtime control of their VME resource without having to create their own Windows kernel drivers.